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Internet advertising and web design

the effective utilisation of online media

Smart websites

Internet advertising and online services can be a lifeline for businesses. If you feel imprisoned by poor online functionality, there are four simple things you can do. Get out of jail by adding any or all of them to your website. Utilise your online resources and begin working more effectively.

The most basic websites can be made better by adding additional functions to them.

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Add functions to your website and work more effectively

What we do

We design, build and market websites from our Northampton based office. We also promote web products, and online services. Designing and promoting brands and creating effective Social Media campaigns are also part of the core services we provide.

We use SEO and harness social media in order to drive traffic and increase website visibility.

Promotional website for a balti restaurant in Northampton designed by McKie Associates

McKie Associates are established, Northants based web developers, creating websites and web graphics and marketeers utilising social media

Of course, our expertise and long experience means that our product range is a bit more extensive than just the areas mentioned. If you strip out much of the ancillary detail though, this is the underlying crux of our business...
...and we always provide the right healthy options for our clients.

Internet advertising

Utilising Social Media in order to promote companies and market products and services is an expertise we offer. Accomplished generators of original, visual material and creative copy, we consistently design effective content. In-depth knowledge of the many social media platforms along with extensive online media experience makes contacting us, a smart move. Let's discuss ways in which we can help you harness the power of social media marketing and formulate effective strategies.

McKie Associates'social media marketing for Northants companies-Facebook and Instagram

Facebook advertising-campaign created for a Northants based company

Logo design

Understanding logo design and the components necessary to make effective ones, requires a particular skill set. Logos designed primarily for website and digital use also need to look good and work seamlessly across all media. This is something that nearly all companies require and insist on and one that through our work, we demonstrate we understand. Whether its a complete corporate identity that's needed or an existing logo requiring modernising, run your requirements past us for our free input.

Example of symbols designed by Northamptonshire based McKie Associates

Logos can incorporate symbols which can be used in a stand-alone capacity

Web and SEO testimonials

"I strongly recommend McKie Associates to companies who require professional web design services".
J. Prince, Managing Director
Business & Consumer Choices Ltd

"I would recommend Mckie Associates to anyone considering re-vamping their web presence or wanting a first website." Robert Yates, Consultant Arboriculturist
RGS Tree Services

people shouting how good McKie Associates' web design and SEO services are

People shout about how good McKieie Associates' website design and seo services are

"Everet has demonstrated his knowledge of search engine marketing and SEO by consistently keeping our rankings high and the site traffic flowing. "
Bob Dabrowski, Director
ACME Business Solutions and Consultancy Ltd

"When nearly every viable search phrase is entered, McKie Associates’ SEO marketing skills have kept our website ranked on page 1 of Google for the last five years."
Jon Watson, Proprietor
Northamptonshire Marquees

Work ethic

Before embarking on any project we research and try to understand the client's products and services. Perhaps even more importantly though, we research the client's markets and competition.

We aim to establish long term relationships so treat all projects as investments in our own ongoing development.

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We can help

Some website owners may be specific about which requirements they need in order to achieve their goals whilst others may be more willing to explore a variety of given possibilities. We are well placed to provide web design and marketing expertise to both camps, calling on our long and successful career in the creative and marketing industry.

When a website presence is needed or a website is invisible and an SEO plan is required, we will always provide the effective solution.